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Monetize your message


We develop the must have audio program for individuals, business, community, educational, youth and also sports organisations who want to make an impact by aligning themselves with the world’s leading edge motivational audio product.


We work with professional speakers who wish to put their message to music, following in the footsteps of other world class individuals with a message of inspiration, motivation or encouragement.  


Make an Impact

We provide speakers with the opportunity to reach a global audience in a cool way; combining your message and music in a entertaining format which people can relate to... Every Smoothe Mixx track we produce embodies positive messages that are created to be musically engraved in the mind, ready to be recalled when needed in life’s competitive situations.


How It Works


1) Speakers write and record their messages.


2) Speakers recordings are sent to Smoothe Media.


3) Smoothe Media edits and mixxes the message with cool music (this is called a Smoothe Mixx).


4) Smoothe Media sends contributor the edited and mixxed track for approval.


5) Smoothe Media create the Master Recordings.


6) Smoothe Media and partners implement the online sales/retail and affiliate program.



Project Management

Smoothe Media will lead this project, manage all Smoothe Mixx audio production, and content distribution programs and set up an approved affiliate program.


Digital / Physical product distribution will also be managed by Smoothe Media.

"Revolutionize and monetize your online presence. And achieve a massive ROI "


Create your Smoothe Mixx track for a small investment of Only $947.00 


*Payments can be made in 2 instalments.


The initial payment of $547 is made to commence production.


A final payment of $400 is due when your Smoothe Mixx track is sent for release to ITunes, Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play etc..... Also our Affiliate program, and other online distribution channels.

Click Buy Now button to make your first payment via paypal or credit card.  We will contact you immediately after registration to begin the process.


Or if you prefer to speak to a member of our team.... for more information contact us at or Tel: +44 7930 848057

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