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'Inspire the world with your message'

"Tell somebody something good... tell somebody something valuable"

~ Jim Rohn

Increase your Income and Inspire the World with your message


Whether you’re an author, a speaker, a preacher, a teacher, an entrepreneur, businessman or a parent. Your message can reach and impact the world.


Jim Rohn, Kyle Wilson, Les Brown, Brian Tracy, Denis Waitley, Vic Johnson, Greg Reid, TD Jakes and many other world leading speakers, entrepreneurs and internet marketing gurus have commissioned Roy Smoothe to produce Smoothe Mixx mp3 albums transforming their speeches into a powerful resource proven to be extremely effective at increasing personal development, and business performance.


The legendary Jim Rohn said “when it comes to creating motivational and inspirational audios Roy is a Genius”. Companies pay up to $10,000 to have Roy to maximize the potential of their content by producing Smoothe Mixx albums. Now Roy is willing to work with a limited number of new clients.


For a small investment of Only $947 payable over two (2) instalments Roy is ready to transform your message and help you.........


•         Create additional online and offline revenue streams


•         Residual income from royalties


•         Build or increase your online brand profile


•         Grow your database


•         Be ahead of the game in the edutainment market.


With approaching Three million listeners to date, who have downloaded or streamed Smoothe Mixx mp3 sound tracks.  Your Smoothe Mixx” is destined to be one of the most exciting Personal Development Audio Programs in this digital age.

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Make a small Investment of $947 and join with other experts who benefit from having their message marketed though ITunes, Amazon, Spotify, Rhapsody and various affiliate programs.


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