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Please read this section thoroughly to ensure your success with this program.


Once you become a contributing Artist we take your message or short story, weave it into cool background music and transform it into a single Smoothe Mixx mp3 track.


What do you need to do next?


Step 1: Ensure you have read all the information supplied - (this will give you an overview of the whole process).


Step 2. You record your one and a half / two minute message, and once you are happy with it, send it to us.



*You can record your short message direct to your PC, Laptop or mobile phone and then send us the file by email.


*If you do not have a recording system we suggest you use services or to record your message and then download the file as an MP3 format.


Step 3:  - When you are sending the recorded file via email, please Include the following details in all your emails to


Your Name, Your Email Address, and Your  Contact number


To help us serve you faster please include ‘Speakers in the Mixx’ and your Name in all subject lines of any emails you send to us.


We work to an organised timeframe for production and once you are on-board we will need you to submit your audio recording by the dates set.



General Things


Smoothe Media will produce a 3 minute Smoothe Mixx mp3 track with your message.  


We will make any revisions required to make sure love the final outcome.




Where will the final MP3 Single / (EP) or Album be distributed?


ITunes, Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play and other digital media platforms.



What is the retail price for the EP album download?


Generally the online retailers have set prices which we have no control over.



How do I get copies of the CD’s?


CD’s can be purchased through us at wholesale price of $4.50 per CD (plus postage)


As a contributor you have the option to retail the CD’s through your own channels and keep the profits...



Is there an Affiliate program attached to this?


Yes... You have the opportunity to participate in our online affiliate program where you will receive 50% of each sale you make as an affiliate partner.


We are delighted to collaborate with you to take your message to a global audience. We are committed to your success and are excited about getting started on this project with you.


Thank you for being part of this program If you have any questions please feel free to email us at:



How Much Does It Cost?


Only a small investment of $947.00 per Single track.


*Payment can be made in 2 instalments.


The initial payment of $547 starts the production process.


A second payment of $400 is due when your Smoothe Mixx track is released for distribution.

Coming soon!

"Inspirational messages

with cool music"

Click here for sample of how mixxes are produced

Click Buy Now button to make your first payment via paypal or credit card.  We will contact you immediately after registration to begin the process.


Or if you prefer to speak to a member of our team.... for more information contact us at or Tel: +44 7930 848057