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Music is the Universal language of the world


We understand the power of cool music combined with motivation. We believe by producing a high quality music track mixed with your inspirational message we can create a resource to inspire individuals & organisations worldwide.


A Smoothe Mixx is a timeless way to creatively imprint your message on the minds and hearts of your audience, clients and customers.


‘LESSONS FROM SPEAKERS IN THE MIXX’ - As we all know telling inspiring stories is made up of a mix of talent, skills and personality. Wherever you find those elements brought together you will find in one form or another the stories make an impact.


Just think back for one moment...  How many potentially "life-altering" opportunities do you think you've missed out on because you were lacking in the self-belief, focus, energy, or the right motivation you needed to follow through? To a lot of people learning new life skills, or personal development can sometimes be seen as boring and hard work.  

Having the right music, mixxed with inspirational messages can transform your thinking and give you the mindset that will enable you to succeed in life.




Roy Smoothe known as the Cool Entrepreneur is creator of the ‘Smoothe Mixx'. He is an author, Publisher, Speaker and Coach; he is also an expert in the field of Cool Brand Development. He creates world-class projects and high-impact initiatives that improve the way people live, learn, work and do business.


Roy developed Smoothe Media into a cutting edge audio production and publishing company which leverages leading edge technologies to drive personal development and business performance improvements. This has led to Roy working with individuals and companies at the top of their game.


Roy’s keynote speeches, workshops, seminars and the Smoothe Mixx motivational messaging have been used effectively in programs for business and enterprise, personal development, self-esteem, developing confidence, and  sports performance enhancement.

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Your message of inspiration matters...


We all should grow up knowing that some people like Musharaf "Mushy" Asghar need to learn in a different way from the norm, and that's OK. They shouldn't be bullied for it.


Watch the video clip - Wait till 2:49 minutes, when his hard work is put into action in front of his classmates.


Thank goodness for musical inspiration, right?